Current Intermittent Fasting Articles

Why Weight Loss Supplements Are Not Worth It

Weight loss supplements are not recommended due to being potentially harmful to your health. Instead, proper diet and intermittent fasting are recommended.

Manage Your Weight by Eating Half an Avocado a Day

Avocados contain healthy fats that provide benefits, such as weight control. Combined with intermittent fasting, avocados are one of your best tools for achieving a healthier body.

Why Maintaining Healthy Probiotic Levels Is Beneficial for You

Sustaining healthy levels of probiotics in your immune system can lead to benefits such as better health, weight loss and lower disease risk.

Discover the Hidden Powers of Vitamin D

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, consider optimizing your body’s vitamin D levels.

Work Out While Fasting With These 6 Bodyweight Workout Apps

Your mobile device can be a powerful tool in keeping you healthy. Discover how you can harness that technology through these six bodyweight workout apps.

The Power of a Paleo Diet

As a diet that has gained popularity, the Paleo Diet focuses on all things fresh and real — see how this can be helpful for your health.

9 Benefits of Adding Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber is a vital nutrient that can do wonders to your health. Discover the benefits of fiber and which foods are the best sources in this article.

These New Findings Prove Saturated Fat Is Here to Stay

The latest findings in the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s scientific report showed that saturated fats actually are beneficial for you in the long run.

Make the Most Out of a High Fish Diet — Minus the Health Risks

Certain types of fish are good sources of healthy fats and proteins, but they may be contaminated with harmful toxins, so choosing high-quality fish is a must.

Boost Your Brain Health With a Mediterranean Diet

Discover what characterizes a Mediterranean diet and how it can improve your brain and overall health.

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