Current Intermittent Fasting Articles

Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

According to Dr. Mercola, entering a nutritional state of ketosis allows your body to use up stored fats instead of glucose from the foods you eat. A ketogenic diet helps in improving and preventing the onset of certain disorders and lifestyle diseases.

Boost Your Athletic Performance with Ketone Drinks

According to Dr. Mercola, adding ketone bodies into the blood stream would help improve athletic performance, particularly speed and endurance.

Free Weights or Resistance Machines? How to Make Your Workout Top-Notch

If you’re not sure whether to use free weights or resistance machines for your next workout, let this informative guide help you make that decision.

A High-Fat, Ketogenic Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Fat in food has always been said to have purely negative effects on the body, but according to Dr. Mercola, diets high in healthy fats actually contribute to cognitive and brain function.

Stopping Your Workout Regimen Can Have Detrimental Effects on Your Body

Exercising offers many health benefits. But according to Dr. Mercola, quitting your workout regimen would cause your body to lose whatever benefits you gained.

Weight Training Isn’t Just for the Young

Dr. Mercola explains why maintaining an exercise routine that features weight training can help prevent your muscles and overall health from degrading.

Common Misconceptions About Weight and Fat

According to Dr. Mercola, weight is not an entirely understood concept, and myths plague the understanding of other people’s idea of weight and their health.

Why Leaving the Light on Increases Weight Gain

According to Dr. Mercola, light exposure at night causes altered hormone secretions, which may cause weight gain.

Want to Lose Weight? Activate Your Brown Fat

According to Dr. Mercola, activating the brown fat in your body will help in the faster burning of calories and loss of weight.

Krill Oil Can Augment Your Weight Loss Goals

Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fat essential for health, and krill oil is the best source for it. Learn the benefits of omega-3 and krill oil in this article.

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