Current Intermittent Fasting Articles

How to Lose Weight Fast Through Fasting

The idea of fasting is rife with myths of its negative effects on the body. However, fasting offers a variety of health benefits, such as the regulation of blood sugar and the switching of burning fats instead of sugar.

Dealing With Chronic Health Problems? Try Juicing

According to Dr. Mercola, juicing not only provides a wider array of nutrients and minerals than what you’re usually ingesting, but it can also help prevent chronic health problems.

Bridging the Gap Between Nutritional Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a great way to fully take advantage of your ketogenic diet.

Eat These Foods for Muscle Growth

The most common misconception concerning muscle growth is that protein is the only contributing factor. Dr. Mercola suggests a list of foods that can help in muscle definition and loss of fat.

Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

According to Dr. Mercola, entering a nutritional state of ketosis allows your body to use up stored fats instead of glucose from the foods you eat. A ketogenic diet helps in improving and preventing the onset of certain disorders and lifestyle diseases.

Boost Your Athletic Performance with Ketone Drinks

According to Dr. Mercola, adding ketone bodies into the blood stream would help improve athletic performance, particularly speed and endurance.

Free Weights or Resistance Machines? How to Make Your Workout Top-Notch

If you’re not sure whether to use free weights or resistance machines for your next workout, let this informative guide help you make that decision.

A High-Fat, Ketogenic Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Fat in food has always been said to have purely negative effects on the body, but according to Dr. Mercola, diets high in healthy fats actually contribute to cognitive and brain function.

Stopping Your Workout Regimen Can Have Detrimental Effects on Your Body

Exercising offers many health benefits. But according to Dr. Mercola, quitting your workout regimen would cause your body to lose whatever benefits you gained.

Weight Training Isn’t Just for the Young

Dr. Mercola explains why maintaining an exercise routine that features weight training can help prevent your muscles and overall health from degrading.

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